• Pulse (map)
  • 4730 Barnes Road
  • Colorado Springs, CO, 80917
  • United States

Every year in January we kick things off with our Annual Worship & Family Dinner service!

This is a time where we worship, feast together and enjoy performances from creatives in our community whose talents don't get to be put on display and celebrated during a normal service. 

If you dance, rap, write poetry, make things, build things, draw, paint, play an instrument, sing, make videos, tell jokes, WHATEVER, we want to enjoy and celebrate the gifts God has put in you, so don't be shy! This night doesn't work unless you share your gifts and talents!

Any performance type talents can be added to the line up and shared from the stage... Other creative expressions can be set out in viewing areas throughout the building for people to see!

If you would like to be considered and potentially added to the line up please email hello@pulsecommunity.co with your name, what you would like to do or put on display and we will be in touch!

Last but not least, FOOD... This family dinner is potluck style and we have a running joke/understanding that everyone needs to bring something yummy so we can ALL FEAST together!!! 

All ages and all people are welcome:)

Since everyone will not fit in our auditorium, there will be overflow seating in the coffee shop area of our building with the performances streaming live on the TV. No matter where you sit, it's gong to be a good time!