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For our normal Saturday night service March 10, we are doing something a bit out of the norm...

In honor of the fact that not all worship consists of American, modern, hipster worship songs (although we love them 😉) we are having a time of worship with songs in both English and Spanish. 

Why? Be sometimes we can forget that the kingdom of God consists of a global family... Sons of God in and from every nation, every tribe.

We are believing that as we sing in a language, that for many people won't be their first language, God is going to encounter us in powerful ways and remind us that being part of the kingdom is a lot bigger than we sometimes are regularly aware of.

After worship we are going to have all our staff participate in a Q&A panel and people will be free to ask questions about topics on their mind, maybe someone is curious about someone on our team's testimony, whatever! 

We think it will a helpful and fun time hearing from our core team and growing closer as a church family!

Hope to see you there!


We love getting together on Saturday nights to enjoy God's presence, worship, give and receive encouragement, prophetic words, healing etc., connect and catch up, and be inspired and challenged by a message. 

All ages worship together as one big family and then kids ages 9 months - 5th grade are released to PulseKids for the rest of the service! Come as you are and make yourself at home!