Did you have an encounter with God at a PULSE service, small group, event etc? Did you step out in your everyday life and see someone healed? When something happens we want to know and so do the people that check out this site! Let's build a culture of encounter, encouragement, and risk taking! God is up to amazing things all the time, let's share the GOOD NEWS!

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  • I had an awesome weekend with Justin & Katherine Knapp and their family at Pulse and at the end of the service I was praying over everyone to have a revelation of how big the Kingdom of God is in them and a man who is a newer believer jumped and said oh s**t I just got healed. He had a cracked rib and all the pain instantly left him and that was his response, it was one of the coolest and funniest things I have heard in church in my 25 years of preaching, and I love the authentic and real without religiosity lol. - Bishop Jamie Englehart


  • I was at the gym and asked Holy Spirit to show me things He loved about the people that were working out. I was overwhelmed with God's love for one of the girls that I'd seen several times but never talked to before and I heard the word mother (I had absolutely no idea if I was hearing God's voice or not). I walked up to her and told her that she was an amazing mom and was doing a great job. After giving me a funny look, she asked how I knew she had kids. I said I hadn't before but God does and loved her so much and was proud of her. I felt so awkward because she just paused and said, 'well thanks,' put her headphones back in and continued working out. Later, she found me in the locker room and began telling me about her divorce, her struggle with custody and that she was feeling like she was doing a terrible job as a mom. I got to encourage her some more, cry with her, laugh with her, and pray with her right then and there. God loves pursuing us and showing us that he knows His kids deeply and intimately. It blows my mind that we get to have relationship with him and see His heart for people and share that with them, not just on weekends but even when we're just doing lunges at the gym! -Emily


  • Pulse became home the moment I walked through the doors. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. It is a place where you can feel free to be yourself and not only will people accept you, but they will rejoice in who you are. I have too many exciting/crazy God moments I could speak about here, so for now I will just say this, Justin speaks straight from the Father's mouth, the presence of God fills this house, and the Kingdom is alive and well here. - Acasia


  • A few months ago I was walking by myself around 2:30am or so. I was walking by a 7 11 gas station, and saw this kid walking out the other way. I felt led to go over to him, so I walked over to him to share the love of God. He told me he had a heart problem, so he let me pray for him. I prayed and commanded healing in his heart. When I was done I kept sharing the word with him and talking to him. Then I asked if he could check somehow like if he felt better. He kind of bent over a bit and was like, "My back feels way better!" Haha I didn't even know he had back problems, but praise God Jesus healed this kid's back. When were finishing up talking he went on to tell me he really needed to hear all that, and that he needed love; so I gave him a big hug and let him go on his way. - Joshua


  • From the first time I walked in Pulse I felt God's love in a real way and the feeling of family which I have always been looking for in a church environment but sad to say it is very hard to find. Pulse has really changed my life. It has made me more confident in who I am in Christ and is helping me open up and be real with people and share God's love wherever I go. I love the heart of the leadership and their goal to make disciples and big people! The worship is always outstanding with the presence of God and I'm just thankful for Pulse and everyone there!!


  • The other day we were eating dinner at Firehouse Subs and I casually glanced over and saw a woman and her little girl. I felt like I heard the word "overcomer" as I was looking at her and knew Holy Spirit was up to something. I continued eating my food/wondering if I had heard God and chatting with the people at our table until I saw she was getting up to leave. Mid conversation with the people I was with, I awkwardly jumped up knowing it was now or never and chased her out the door! I tried to not be creepy and tell her that what I heard when I looked over at her plus some other things I felt like God was saying and she went silent and started crying right there in the parking lot. She told me, "Thank you for being brave and coming up to me even though you could have been wrong... it means more than you know to me." Then I started crying ha. As she left I felt so excited inside wishing I stepped out more because you never know what can happen until you go for it! You're simple little word could change someone's life. - Katherine 


  • One Saturday evening the presence of God manifested during worship as the smell of thick burning smoke. We were singing "fire in the church" at the time and it was amazing that we all got to experience God in that way corporately. - Sam 


  • While my wife and I were at Entertainmart just waiting in line minding our own business, I felt God tell me to give a man nearby a pretty big amount of money for us. I thought my wife might not be keen on the idea but when I looked over at her she whispered in my ear, "I feel like we are supposed to give that man over there "X" amount of money." It was the exact same amount I felt like God had told me. So we did our thing and checked out then walked over to him pretty excited because it was so obvious what we were supposed to do. The man was totally overwhelmed and let us pray for him. It's so cool that God can speak to a husband and wife that way and work as a team to bless people as He leads us. 



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