In Short: 

     About ten years ago our Senior Leader, Justin Knapp, had a clear word from God to serve a man, which after much time lead to starting a youth group, which after much time became a young adults gathering, which after much time transitioned into a church community of all ages pursuing Jesus and His Kingdom together. We honestly were never really trying to build a church, we were just being faithful to a word from God. With hearts ready to "go anywhere", “easy” for us looked like going to the worst areas on the other side of the world but God made it clear that our “go” is a “stay” right now. Our dreams are huge but we feel like “A light that shines the farthest burns the brightest at home” so we are giving ourselves to building the local church and can’t wait to see where God takes us as a church family. 

In Detail: 

   New things are happening so we need to update the "in detail" version of our journey. Fun, visional timeline coming soon!