Ages 6th - 12th grade

Saturday Night Breakdown: 

We kick off our service by worshipping together as one big church family

Every other week youth gather together after worship in the Coffee Shop area of our building with our Youth Leaders for their own lesson, activation, activity etc. 

Other Saturdays, youth sit together in the main auditorium for the message after worship OR may sign up to serve on a team and learn/practice a different skill (production team, PulseKids, photography, etc.) during service!

For safety purposes, please make sure that your youth are in the auditorium during worship and the message (unless they are serving on a team). We always want our church to have a relaxed family vibe but also need your help to keep our young people safe! Thank you!

*****Help us empower our youth in 2019*****

“Hello Pulse Family,

I hope you are looking forward to the 2019 as much as we are at PulseYouth. 2019 promises to be a year full of opportunities for the youth to develop an even deeper and more intimate relationship with God. The PulseYouth calendar is pretty packed this year with events, retreats, guest speakers and more.

One of the biggest events for our youth will be the retreat. Yes, you heard right, the Youth will be going on a retreat in early August. Our youth will be attending the Kingdom Youth Conference in Woodland Park at Charis Bible College featuring Todd White from Friday, August 2nd – Sunday, August 4th. As with any retreat and activity this will require funds to attend. We are asking for the members and friends of Pulse to partner with PulseYouth through fundraisers. These fundraisers will raise money for the retreat. The goal is to raise enough money so each youth can attend the Kingdom Conference Retreat for free.

We hope that you become as excited as we are for 2019.

If you would like to give please use the GIVE button below and select the “PulseYouth Fundraiser“ Giving Type when making a donation.

Text Rachel Thomas at 904-864-7610 or reach out to her via FB messenger for other ways to give or any questions.

Mike, Sarah and Rachel”